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Today’s Special: Salba Chia

Sprinkling, mixing, baking—you name it. Salads, soups, smoothies —anyway you like! The fact that Salba Chia seeds are tasteless makes it ideal to incorporate into any meal or recipe. Salba can be used whole or ground—it’s really just a textural preference.

Whatever your passion, fuel it with Salba Chia.

Just a 15-gram serving a day of this potent superfood will bring your daily nutritional intake to the top of its game—whether at work or at play. Whatever your passion, fuel it with Salba Chia.

Need an egg replacement in baking? Want more fibre in your diet? Protein? Omega-3? Calcium? Salba can replace or enhance many elements of your existing diet. Do you want better nutrition, yet you’re not ready to give up your favourite snacks? Enhance your dips, cookie recipes or even your ice cream with a sprinkling of Salba. With chia seed recipes, you can have both incredible flavour and powerful nutrition.

Salba is white in colour and blends into almost any food preparation, whereas other chia is more often black, standing out against most foods. Here are just a few easy recipes to get you started with Salba Chia.

Salba Chia Recipes

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